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lndian Mountain battery Gallipoli

Indian Mountain Battery at Gallipoli


SIkh soldiers at Gallipoli

Of course there were elements of the Indian Army at Gallipoli, but there were no infantry on 25 April, as Bean stated

‘The Indian Army was represented at Gallipoli by the 7th Indian Mountain Artillery Brigade, the Indian mule corps, a medical establishment, and the 29th Indian Infantry Brigade. The infantry served in the Helles area from the 1st of May till the 10th of July, being transferred to Anzac after a brief period of rest and reorganisation at Imbros, just in time to take part in the August offensive; while the artillery landed with the ANZAC and shared all the travails and vicissitudes of that corps, from the day of the first landings on the 25th of April till the final evacuation in December.’

Some  1,358  Indian soldiers died at Gallipoli with 3,421 wounded. At the third battle of Krithia 3/4 June 371 men of the 14th Sikh regiment were killed or died of wounds.

‘The Indian expeditionary force that served in the Dardanelles was not very large in numbers; barely 5000 men in a campaign that swelled from 75,000, to nearly half a million allied troops engaged by the end of the campaign. Yet it had a significant impact upon the course of the operations, and no account of the campaign can ignore the contribution of the 14th Sikhs in the Third Battle of Krithia, or the 1-6th Gurkhas in the climactic Battle of Sari Bair.’

This is from a summary of a  paper by Sqn Ldr Rana TS Chhina (Retd) of the United Service Institution of India Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research  at a conference organised by the Australian War Memorial in August 2010.

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