This story will be published in the Shrine of Remembrance magazine, Remembrance, November 2013.

Before Kapyong 

Busan is a port city on the south-east coast of the Korean Peninsula. It was known as Pusan in the Korean War, and was where 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) came ashore on 28 September 1950.

Pusan was the ‘pocket’ where the initial North Korean attack was halted in August 1950.  After two months of heavy fighting UN, mainly US forces, broke out of the Pusan Perimeter and forced the North Koreans back up the peninsula. The landing at Inchon, near Seoul, on 15 September 1950 saw the defeat of the North Korean forces south of the 38th parallel, and their pursuit to the Yalu River and the border with China.

Three Australians lie side by side at Busan: Private Harold Clark from Launceston, Private Basil Dillon from St Kilda, and Lieutenant Colonel Charles Green from Grafton.

Not far away are the graves of Lance Corporal Fred Origlassi from Brisbane and Private Joseph (Paddy) Longmore from Colac.

All died between 30 October and 13 November 1950 – in the first significant engagements of 3RAR in Korea – six months before the battle of Kapyong.

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