Twenty-five New Zealanders were taken prisoner at Gallipoli: one  on  the  first  day,  21  at  Chunuk  Bair on  8 August,  and  three  at  Hill  60, 21-28 August.  All were wounded when captured; six would die as prisoners of the Turks.

Private Thomas Burgess was captured on 25 April – he died and is buried with two other Kiwis at Haidar Pasha cemetery in Istanbul. He died at a hospital where Lieutenant-Colonel  Charles Doughty-Wylie (Gallipoli VC) worked with the Red Cross before the war.

An account of the  capture of the heroic Wellingtons on Chunuk Bair on 8 August is provided by Private Reginald Davis, and of the horrific conditions endured in the camps by ordinary soldiers by Private William Surgenor, both of the Wellington Battalion.

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