Memorial at site of Kreipe kidnapping

After General Kreipe was kidnapped by British commandos in 1944, he was taken across the mountains of Crete to the south coast. In reprisal the Germans burned the village dowN. Official records of the Rethymnon prefecture indicate that at least 117 men of Anogia were killed  during the German occupation. After the  war several houses were built as some sort of compensation – famously, they stayed unoccupied for more than 50 years. I took these pictures in September 2012.

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Order for the destruction of Anogia

Order Of the German Commander of the Garrison of Crete:

Since the town of Anogia is a centre of the English espionage in Crete, since the Anogians carried out the murder of the sergeant of the Yeni-Gavé garrison and the garrison itself, since the Anogians carried out the sabotage at Damasta, since the andartes of various resistance bands find asylum and protection in Anogia, and since the abductors of General Kreipe passed through Anogia, using Anogia as a stopping place when transporting him, we order its RAZING to the ground and the execution of every male Anogian who is found within the village and within an area of one kilometre round it.

Chania, 13 – 8- 44.

The Commander of the Garrison of Crete
H. Müller


Anogia – before it was razed.